Thinking about buying the learning tower and wondering why you should own one? Here are 12 benefits (there are actually MORE!) tried and tested from one mom and two children for other moms!

1- It saves your back from having to carry your child

I think it’s safe to say that every mother, at some point, has suffered from having to carry their child while working in the kitchen. Children are naturally curious, and not being able to see what mommy is doing can lead them to throw tantrums and pull on her clothes until they are finally able to see what is going on. The learning tower (tried and tested by hundreds of mothers in Egypt!) helps children to satisfy their curiosity while saving mom’s back and giving her her second hand back to efficiently and comfortably cook in the kitchen!

2- It teaches your child independence

When a child starts using the learning tower and gets accustomed to it, he/she automatically starts feeling more empowered. They no longer need mom or dad to help them reach that bowl over the kitchen tower, and can manage to reach items that were previously not on their level. This feeling of empowerment gives children more confidence to do things independently (even outside the scope of the kitchen!)

3- It helps with language development

“Mommy is now going to spread some butter on the pan!” 
When mothers involve their children in daily kitchen tasks, they are indirectly working on their child’s language skills. It helps when mothers describe what it is they are doing in the kitchen, even if a child is not even verbalizing anything yet! Toddlers are like sponges, they absorb the information passed onto them, even if they aren’t showing it yet! 

4- It helps with pre-maths skills

“We are going to add 1 cup of flour and 2 cups of milk! 1…2!”
Learning to count is one thing, but understanding the concept of numbers is a whole different story! The focus should be on children understanding the concept, i.e what does the number 1 represent? As you involve your children in cooking or preparing meals, their observations teach them the value of numbers. You are teaching pre-maths to your toddler without even noticing it!

5- It helps develop fine motor skills

Fine motor skills, which represent the small muscles in childrens’ hands (their finger muscles) is a fundamental skill that should be developed at an early age. When children actively participate in actions such as pouring, scooping, transferring, squeezing...etc these all help their small muscles get stronger! What’s the benefit of improving these muscles? Well, for one thing, a child will not be able to hold a pencil properly if he has poor fine motor skills.

6- It helps develop hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination basically means the simultaneous use of hands and eyes when performing tasks. When a child helps you in the kitchen with activities such as pouring, they are using both their hands and eyes at the same time (and trying not to spill that cup of milk!) 

7- It helps develop gross motor skills

Gross motor skills represent all the large muscles of a child that develop in the early years; these include walking, climbing, jumping and balancing (among others). A skill that is developed when a child owns a learning tower is most evidently: climbing. The learning tower serves as a tool to encourage your child to walk and climb on and this skill is developed as they get older and start understanding how to climb on it independetly. Piece of advice: don’t always place your child on the learning tower yourself, but encourage them to climb onto it without your help once they are confident walkers.

8- It helps mothers and children bond

Spending time with your children comes in all sorts of ways. Usually most mothers (me included 🙈) would leave their children in front of a screen in order to peacefully prepare or cook a meal. When you have a learning tower, not only are you minimizing screen time, you are also taking this opportunity to connect with your child through conversation not only about food, but about their day!

9- It helps picky eaters become more open to trying out new foods

It is scientifically proven that children who take part in preparing their meals are more likely to actually try it! Being a mom of a picky eater myself, I can confidently say that my son definitely showed more interest in trying a new food when he has helped me prepare it in the kitchen! 

10- It can be used ANYWHERE!

Learning towers are not just useful in the kitchen. You can use your learning tower in the bathroom for hand-washing and tooth-brushing, you can use it to have your child help you hang the laundry, or hang decorations in the house (especially during Ramadan and Christmas!). Some of our clients even use the tower to wave goodbye to their fathers from the window when they are leaving to work! The options are endless. 😊

11- It converts into a desk and chair

One of the highlights of our learning tower is that it can also be converted into a desk and chair. This means that your child can use it as a weaning table (to eat their meals) or for any activity (coloring, puzzles, play dough, etc)

12- It keeps them safe

Saved the most important for last…it provides safety for your toddlers who are still learning how to walk and balance. Disclaimer: toddlers should not be left unattended on the learning tower, even if it provides more safety than a regular stool, it should not be an alternative to a parent’s supervision. 
Hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to leave any questions in the comments!

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  • The learning tower is essential in our day to day life, my daughter loves using it to help me in the kitchen, then converting. It into a desk and chair to sit and eat her food. Best purchase ever made💜


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