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We think furniture should be safe for you, your family, and the earth. We’re trying to make that a reality with durable, safe pieces that are meant to last. Eftekassat’s furniture is designed with that quality in mind. That is why all our indoor products come with a 3-year warranty.  With normal wear, our furniture should endure for at least 3 years. So don’t worry, Eftekassat’s got your back!

We warranty the craftsmanship and materials of our products for 3 years from the initial date of purchase through our website. This warranty covers wear damage due to normal use but does not cover damage due to abuse or mis-use. If damage occurs due to normal use or defects in the parts, we will replace that part for you, at our discretion, or exchange it if it has been bought in the past 30 days. If that part is not fixable and has resulted in damaging your product, we will replace it for you, free of charge (even if it has surpassed the exchange period). Most of our products are designed for indoor use. Outdoor use voids this warranty unless the product is specifically designed to withstand sun and water exposure (these products are listed in our “Outdoor” section). Please note that MDF wood (used for the covers of our sensory table models have a 90-day warranty).



Warranty coverage for outdoor furniture is 1 year only. Please note that despite its outdoor functionality, these products still require yearly maintenance. This is a service that we can provide you at a fee or one that you can do at home yourself. Please contact support if you need help scheduling a maintenance service or understand how you can personally maintain your products at home.


If you are passed the warranty period of your purchase or your product has been damaged due to misuse, we can still replace parts/fix your products at a small fee. Please contact support if you request fixing or exchanging your product and make sure to include clear photos along with your message. We will then inspect these photos and get back to you regarding whether or not this is a product defect or mis-use of the product. That decision will be ours to make as we get professional feedback from our team.

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